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Money Talk$ Vol. III is a remarkable book authored by 24 accomplished, African American financial thought-leaders from across the world, each bringing their unique expertise to the table. This colleective effort aims to ignote a spark of finanical wisdown, empowermnet and last change within communities that have been historically underserved. The foreward if penned by Les Brown, one of the world's renowed motivational speakers and voted one of th eTop Five Outstanding Speakers WorldWide by Toastmasters International.


This book is perfect for readers with or without any previous knowledge of the finanical concepts or tools described within these pages. The contributors chose a "tell you what you need to know" to quickly increase understanding and application of core foundational finance concepts, but not intended to be nor should it be construed as indvidualozed or personal investment, insurance, tax nor legal advice. Please consult your own licensed, experienced financial professional. 

Money Talk$ Vol.III Uncut Conversations with Financial Experts

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